Brief #16: MacOS Malware, GenAI Security Flaws, and More

Mandos Brief, Week 36 2023: Unveiling the Atomic MacOS Stealer malware, W3LL's phishing kit, iOS 16.6.1 update insights, and the security flaws in GenAI.

5 min read
mandos brief #16 - week 36 2023

Mac Users Beware: Atomic MacOS Stealer Malware Unleashed Through Malvertising Campaign

North Korean Threat Actors Exploit Zero-Day to Target Cybersecurity Experts

W3LL Phishing Kit Bypasses MFA to Hijack Thousands of Microsoft 365 Accounts

Urgent iOS 16.6.1 Update: Apple Patches Zero-Day Exploits Targeted by Pegasus Spyware

Generative AI's Biggest Security Flaw is Not Easy to Fix

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