Brief #32: Advanced iPhone Backdoor, EasyPark Breached

The last Mandos Brief of 2023 covers a sophisticated iPhone backdoor exploit, a massive digital skimming operation, and significant data breaches.

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mandos brief for week 52 of 2023

🎉 Dear reader,

As 2023 draws to a close, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of my journey this year. Your engagement and feedback have been invaluable in shaping the Mandos Brief newsletter.

As we bid farewell to this year and look towards 2024, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with peace, prosperity, and strengthened digital security. The challenges in cybersecurity continue, but together, we remain vigilant and informed.

In this final edition of the year, we explore the latest and most critical developments in the cybersecurity landscape. From sophisticated iPhone backdoors to extensive data breaches impacting millions, these stories remind us of the ongoing need for vigilance and proactive measures in our digital lives.

See you in 2024, ready to face new challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in the world of cybersecurity.

Warm regards,

Now back to the news...


The Most Advanced iPhone Backdoor Exploited Apple's Hidden Hardware Feature

International Operation Uncovers 443 Online Merchants Compromised by Digital Skimming

EasyPark Hit by Widespread Data Breach, Affecting Millions of Customers

Mint Mobile Suffers Data Breach, Exposing Customer Data and Risking SIM Swap Attacks

Microsoft Disables MSIX App Installer Protocol Amid Ransomware Threats

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