Brief #37: Cloudflare Breach, AnyDesk Hacked & More

This week's highlights: Nation-state hacks Cloudflare, Vimeo used for malware delivery. Mercedes GitHub leak & EFB hacking risks.

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mandos brief week 05 of 2024

This week in cybersecurity has been a whirlwind, marked by significant breaches and innovative attacks that have tested our defenses and strategies.

But before we dive into this week's developments, here's a recap of what you might have missed:

5 Mistakes AI Startups Make About Cybersecurity
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Cloudflare Compromised by Nation-State Actors in Okta Cyberattack

Innovative Malware Campaign Exploits Vimeo and Ars Technica for Stealthy Delivery

Mercedes-Benz GitHub Leak Exposes Sensitive Source Code

Electronic Flight Bags Vulnerable to Hacking, Posing Potential Flight Safety Risks

AnyDesk Confirms Security Breach Leading to Forced Password Reset

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