Brief #38: Dutch Military Hacked, BitLocker Bypassed and More

This week: Critical Linux Shim vulnerability exposed, Chinese espionage on Dutch Military, massive data theft by ResumeLooters, Ivanti's patch, BitLocker bypass.

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mandos brief week 6 of 2024, nikoloz kokhreidze

This week in cybersecurity has been a rollercoaster, with revelations ranging from critical vulnerabilities to sophisticated cyber espionage activities. As we navigate these complex threats, it's vital to stay informed and prepared.

But before we jump into the details, here's what you might have missed:

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Now, let's dive into this week's Brief.

Critical Shim Vulnerability Endangers All Linux Distros with Secure Boot Bypass

Dutch Military Hacked by Chinese Cyber Espionage by Exploiting FortiGate Vulnerability

'ResumeLooters' Attackers Steal Millions of Career Records

Ivanti Discloses Fifth High-Severity Vulnerability Impacting VPN Appliances

BitLocker Encryption Bypassed in Seconds with Raspberry Pi Pico

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