Brief #44: $1.13M Pwn2Own, M-Chip Flaw, 19M Plaintext Passwords

Week 12: Hackers win $1.13M at Pwn2Own, critical Apple M-chip vulnerability exposed, and 19 million plaintext passwords leaked from Firebase.

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Brief #44: $1.13M Pwn2Own, M-Chip Flaw, 19M Plaintext Passwords nikoloz kokhreidze

Happy week 12!

This week in cybersecurity: record-breaking Pwn2Own exploits, a critical Apple M-series chip vulnerability, and a 19 million of plaintext passwords exposed by misconfigured firebase instances.

Also I started a debate around cybersecurity certifications on LinkedIn.

Now, let's dive in!

🌐 This Week in Cybersecurity

Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024: Hackers Earn $1.13M for 29 Zero-Days

Apple M-Series Chips Vulnerability Allows Extraction of Secret Cryptographic Keys

Phishing Campaign Deploys NetSupport RAT Using Novel OLE Template Injection Technique

19 Million of Plaintext Passwords Exposed by Misconfigured Firebase Instances

Windows Server March 2024 Updates Causing Domain Controller Crashes Due to LSASS Memory Leak

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