Brief #45: NHS Ransomware, XZ Utils Backdoor, PyPI Malware Flood

Week 13: UK's NHS suffers ransomware attack, critical backdoor found in XZ Utils, and PyPI suspends new projects after malicious package uploads.

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mandos brief nikoloz kokhreidze week 13 2024

Week 13 already? Time flies!

In this week's cybersecurity roundup, we cover critical vulnerabilities in XZ Utils and Microsoft Edge, thousands of exposed Exchange servers in Germany, an NHS ransomware attack, and a flood of malicious PyPI packages.

🌐 This Week in Cybersecurity

UK's NHS Suffers Ransomware Attack, Patient Data Leaked

Critical Backdoor Discovered in XZ Utils Affecting Most Unix Distributions

PyPI Temporarily Suspends New Projects and Users After Flood of Malicious Package Uploads

Thousands of Microsoft Exchange Servers in Germany Vulnerable to Critical Flaws

Microsoft Edge Vulnerability Allowed Silent Extension Installation

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