Brief #18: Microsoft's 38TB Leak, Cisco's Splunk Acquisition

Mandos Brief, Week 38 2023: Microsoft's 38TB data leak, Cisco's acquisition of Splunk, LastPass's new security measures, and OpenAI's Red Teaming Network.

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Mandos Brief #18 covering Microsoft Data Leak, Cisco-Splunk Deal, Apple Zero-Days, LastPass Security, and OpenAI Red Teaming


38TB Microsoft Data Leak Included Teams Messages, Employee Backups, and Private Keys

Cisco Acquires Splunk: A Leap in AI-Driven Cybersecurity or a Potential Overreach?

Apple Zero-Days Are A Triple Threat Exploited in the Wild

LastPass's 12-Character Master Password Requirement and Crypto Heists

OpenAI Launches Red Teaming Network Amid Regulatory Concern

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